La Petite École du Rang

We invite you to come and travel into the unique artistic universe of La Petite École du Rang!

With our workshop located in Tewkesbury, only a few minutes away from Quebec city centre,
you are able to discover a whole new world of arts and craft right in your backyard.
So come and catch a glimpse of our orignal culinary and artistic ceramic products!

Did you know?

(Français) Qu’est-ce qu’une charentaise ?

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(Français) Nouveauté

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The Colour Process

In our workshop, at La Petite École du Rang, we have developed a unique cooking technique that uses gas as its main focus. This particular process allows for our ceramics pieces to be cooked at a very high temperature, reaching 2400°F (or 1300°C). This implies a long observation and monitoring period where we take the time to watch our pieces carefully. As the high temperature manages to suppress the oxygen from the oven air, we reduce the opening of the main chimney, reducing the supply of oxygen even more. At this point, the gas starts to look desperately for oxygen and finds some on the glazing of our artwork.

As a result, the colours begin to change and the magic happens!

What is La Petite Ecole du Rang’s symbol?

Lucie and Yvon have chosen to keep the old school bell as the symbol for their workshop, honoring the memory of the premises. It is now a part of their heritage and serves as their workshop logo.

Available on demand, this little bell can also serve as a beautiful piece of jewelry, a keychain, or can even be used in your kitchen, with your salt or brown sugar. The trick is to dip it 5 minutes in water and then place it inside your containers and the humidity will no longer be a problem!

Here, in the workshop of La Petite Ecole du Rang, the doors are always open!

We will always be happy to welcome you and show you around our beautiful countryside. Do not hesitate to drop by for a simple visit, or even to sign up for one of our ceramics classes where you get to learn the basics of pottery and the art of RAKU, an ancient Japanese technique.

Plus, our workshop is surrounded by nature so just by looking at the trees and breathing in the fresh air, you will find it worth your while and fall in love with Quebec’s charming landscapes!”

Curious about the name La Petite Ecole du Rang?

In order to understand where this name comes from, we need to bring you back in time, in the 1950’s more precisely, when our current house and workshop used to be a small school.

To honor this school which welcomed all the neighborhood kids, and to its one and only dedicated teacher, we chose the unique name of La Petite Ecole du Rang!