La Petite École du Rang

We invite you to come and travel into the unique artistic universe of La Petite École du Rang!

With our workshop located in Tewkesbury, only a few minutes away from Quebec city centre,
you are able to discover a whole new world of arts and craft right in your backyard.
So come and catch a glimpse of our orignal culinary and artistic ceramic products!

Culinary Art

La Petite École du Rang is specialised in the creation of unique culinary artwork, which is both creative and practical. What could be better than to encourage homegrown artists, while at the same time cooking hearty and heatlhy meals!

In Yvon and Lucie’s workshop, everything lies within the ceramics oven where their artwork is cooked and controled in order to produce colours and effects that will surprise and amaze you. With a lengthy cooking time and an oven that is able to reach 2300 degrees (Fahrenheit), their products are both beautiful and resistant. This oven is our usual cooking apparatus, but we can also use our unique gaz chamber to produce more traditional artware as this type of oven can reach 2400 degrees and requires a 12 hour cooking time.

In the end, our aim is to create a vast collection of practical culinary art and continuously reinvates itself. This is why we invite you to discover at current and previous collections in the hopes that you will find what you are looking for!