La Petite École du Rang

We invite you to come and travel into the unique artistic universe of La Petite École du Rang!

With our workshop located in Tewkesbury, only a few minutes away from Quebec city centre,
you are able to discover a whole new world of arts and craft right in your backyard.
So come and catch a glimpse of our orignal culinary and artistic ceramic products!

Culinary Art > Service bowl

Service bowl

Our service bowls are pratical pieces of stoeware that can also be very esthetic. Light and easily manipulated, they will always embellish your dinner tables with their playful colours and your guests will be jealous! 

you can also use this bowl as a decorative tool by incorporating fruits and vegetables or to serve summer salads. In the end, this dish will adapt itself to your most simple and basic cilunary needs.

  • Small = 25 cm
  • Medium = 30 cm
  • Large = 40 cm

Price: from 115,00$